C programming interview questions and answers for freshers

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i have seen that in c programming based  interview most of the question are based on some concept clear question and answer.

i have been posting that all tips on this ShareProgrammingTips but here i am just going to List down some good question on C programming.


How will you set, clear ,toggle and check a single bit in C?


Do you know the Concept of Octal literal in C


Do you know the difference between all standard version of c language


How will you detect memory leakage in C program?


Do you know about Implementation limitation of c programming language


Whats is difference between file descriptor and file pointer?


Why fopen() doesn’t get fail by passing directory name in argument?


How can I get what my main function has returned in Linux?


How can i detect Windows or Linux in C,C++ programming?


Structure of a C-Program in Memory | How Heap,Stack,Data and Code segments are stored in memory?


Why variables can not be declared in a switch statement just after labels?


How do you Convert file descriptor to file pointer or   file pointer to file descriptor in Linux by C programming


When will you use processes and when will you use threads in Linux?


How will you change the buffering option for any specified stream in c programming?


Do you know In embedded domain why Copying of structure is avoided in c programming?


Do you know Short-circuiting  concept in C Programming Expressions………….?


What’s the need of using encapsulation { do..while(0) block } in define a macro in C programming?


Do yo know the importance of Volatile Keyword in Embedded System

if you know any such more Question and answer about C programming, Linux or Embedded system designing then please post link in comment box 

hey I am an Artist who love to write code...! Well I am an EC graduate From Ganpat University and now i am working as Embedded software engineer in one private firm.. find me at here Jeegar Patel

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  1. great website thanks a lot please update more question and also post some project for embedded system

  2. Today, i was searching for C programming questions, I found your blog in Google, its really good job, I impressed, I bookmarked your page for future Tutorials

  3. Academic Projects and Tech interview

    This is really a good post for freshers , i found it very useful for my C programming language interview This information is really useful to face any C programming language interview successfully.

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