Concept of Octal literal in C

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One day while debugging  one code i got one interesting things ..let me explain you by bellow’s  example.

int a=010;
printf("a is %d",a);

if you think output of this program will

“a  is  10”

then your are missing something….

the real output of this program is

“a  is  8”


Actually in c and c ++ language 0 (zero) is the octel literal so when you wrie

a = 010 ;

then its Octel representation of  8.

Any integer value starting with ‘0’ is an octal value. I.e.: 01 is octal 1, 010 is octal 10, which is decimal 8, and 0 is octal 0 (which is decimal, and any other, 0).

As per the C++ Standard:

2.14.2 Integer literals [lex.icon]

    decimal-literal integer-suffixopt  
    octal-literal integer-suffixopt  
    hexadecimal-literal integer-suffixopt  
    decimal-literal digit  
    octal-literal octal-digit

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