Difference between c and c++ and java programming languages

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In last 2 yeas i have worked a lot on C Programming But now days i need to work on C++ and Java programming language. I have not time to take book of C++ or java programming and start to read that…In any programming language most of the stuff are common. So you know one language very well then by keeping that in mind you can learn other language very well.

Some days ago i found this article and it helped me a lot. i  hope this will also help you….

C++ Style Languages: C++, Objective C, Java, C#

  • it shows the hello world program , version checks,used libraries,
  • primitive  data types,
  • arithmetic and logical operation
  • arrays and strings,
  • regular expressions,
  • dates and time,
  • functions declaration ,
  • execution control flow,
  • files operatins,
  • processes and environment,
  • libraries and namespaces
  • concept of objects

It also shows the history of programming languages. How the evolution in programming languages comes. Its a link to bookmark.!!!

it has some other interesting stuff also

Visit  its homepage it has pages for

differences between PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby

differences between Tcl, Lua, JavaScript, Io

differnce between POSIX Shell, AppleScript, PowerShell, cmd.exe

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