Little endian and Big endian in C programming

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This is the most complex concept…. i have read enough on net and some books but   still i was not getting this concept. i was not understanding how this will effect my c code. But i have did some  experiments with some example code and tried to understand things. and here now i am going to share those examples.

In computing, the term endian or endianness refers to the ordering of individually addressable sub-components within the representation of a larger data item as stored in external memory (or, sometimes, as sent on a serial connection)

You can understand basic things about at 

Little endian and Big endian



The most significant byte (MSB) value, which is 0Ah in our example, is stored at the memory location with the lowest address, the next byte value in significance, 0Bh, is stored at the following memory location and so on. This is akin to Left-to-Right reading in hexadecimal order.



The least significant byte (LSB) value, 0Dh, is at the lowest address. The other bytes follow in increasing order of significance.

Now lets see with some code


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