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Convert file descriptor to file pointer | Convert file pointer to file descriptor in Linux by C programming

 If you all ready know the difference between file descriptor and file pointer then good otherwise please read this post

Whats is difference between file descriptor and file pointer?



File descriptor to file pointer :

for converting file descriptor to file pointer in linux fdopen() function is used

#include <stdio.h
FILE *fdopen(int fildes, const char *mode);

fildes is file descriptor

mode is the character value which indicate the mode of file operation (same as we use in fopen() function)

Example :

#include <stdio .h>
#include <fcntl .h>
int main(){
int fd;
FILE *fp;
fd = open("shareprogrammingtips.txt",O_WRONLY | O_CREAT | O_TRUNC);
   printf("open call fail");
   return -1;
fprintf(fp,"we got file pointer fp bu using File descriptor fd");
return 0;

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