Confusion with megabytes, 1 megabyte is 1 million bytes or 1024 * 1024 (1048576) bytes?

i have two question

1> 1 megabyte is 1 million bytes or 1024 * 1024 (1048576) bytes?  

2> what is the Difference between Mibit/s or Mib/s and MB/s or MBps and Mbit/s, Mb/s and Mbps MiB/s or MiBps?

“MB/s” usually means “megabytes per second”. This can be one of two definitions, depending on who you ask:

1> 1 million bytes per second (8 million bits per second) (per the IEEE’s definition)


  • 2> The more commonly seen definition of 1024 * 1024 (1048576) bytes per second (8388608        bits per second), seen commonly in many usages.


In most of the way 1 megabyte = 1024 * 1024 (1048576) bytes were taken in account but few years ago

The IEEE has proposed that computers should follow the SI prefixes, and use “Megabyte” to mean 10^6 bytes, not 2^20 bytes, which has been done historically. And thus created all the confusion over which definition of a megabyte one is actually using.

To over come from this confussion

 By the end of 2007, standards and government authorities including IECIEEEEU, and NIST proposed standards for binary prefixes and requiring the use of megabyte to strictly denote 10002 bytes andmebibyte to denote 10242 bytes.

So now

Value Name
kilobyte (kB) 103 kibibyte (KiB) 210 = 1.024 × 103
megabyte (MB) 106 mebibyte (MiB) 220 ≈ 1.049 × 106
gigabyte (GB) 109 gibibyte (GiB) 230 ≈ 1.074 × 109
terabyte (TB) 1012 tebibyte (TiB) 240 ≈ 1.100 × 1012
petabyte (PB) 1015 pebibyte (PiB) 250 ≈ 1.126 × 1015
exabyte (EB) 1018 exbibyte (EiB) 260 ≈ 1.153 × 1018
zettabyte (ZB) 1021 zebibyte (ZiB) 270 ≈ 1.181 × 1021
yottabyte (YB) 1024 yobibyte (YiB) 280 ≈ 1.209 × 1024


Prefix: k vs Ki

k- stands for kilo, meaning 1,000, while Ki- stands for kilobinary (“kibi-“), meaning 1,024. .

Suffix: b vs B

b stands for bit and B stands for byte.

See this for example and clear all things

1>  Megabyte per second

megabyte per second (MB/s or MBps) is a unit of data transfer rate equal to:

  • 1,000,000 bytes per second, or

2> Megabit per second

megabit per second (Mbit/sMb/s, or Mbps) is a unit of data transfer rate equal to:

  • 1,000,000 bits per second or

3>Mebibyte per second

mebibyte per second (MiB/s or MiBps) is a unit of data transfer rate equal to:

  • 1,048,576 bytes per second, or

4>Mebibit per second

mebibit per second (Mibit/s or Mib/s) is a unit of data transfer rate equal to:

  • 1,048,576 bits per second or


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