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Audio/video Recorder & player application based on MATLAB

As the name suggested this is an gui based application which can record audio & video data save them in .wav & .avi file format & also can playback those files..

screen shot of application :
Audio/video recorder & player application based on matlab

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How to count total line of code in whole project/directory?

In many case you will require to count total number of line of code in your project.So here i am going to introduce with one powerful tool for counting line of code. That is CLOC .


CLOC is open source project.  CLOC  is written entirely in Perl language and CLOC is almost portable .

ClOC can works on

  • many flavors of Linux,
  • Mac OS X,
  • AIX,
  • Solaris, IRIX,
  • z/OS

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