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With Having some experience in IT field i came to know one thing that by working on different technology , language &  platform we gain/know some basic stuff , some basic funda  or basic concept of that all different language, platforms,& domains,but with the passage of time we have to recall this all stuff  otherwise  we forget some things. So instead of that i decided to save all this experience in well managed system .

So,that all could be explained by,

  • Some small sample programs ,
  • Some small application based projects,
  • Making small tips-notes or
  • Preparing some tutorial.

So now i am going to share all that stuff which i have learned & going to learn in my career, on this blog. so others can also get some benefit from my experience  and i can also refer these all in future.

 If you really like the concept  of this blog then  you can also be the part of this blog..! I always welcome to those  all person who want to share some useful stuff on this blog.

Here you can Share

  • your college projects ,
  • share your presentations ,
  • share your notes
  • share your research
  • share your sample programs

i will put this all here with your  name and detail. Here you can send me mail and can upload your projects/presentations in zip file format.

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