Implementation limitation of c programming language

One day i thought ,

“What is the maximum number of arguments we can pass to a function in C ?”

i have searched some stuff and found following things.

As per International Standard of c programming language, an implementation translates C source files and executes C programs in two dataprocessing-system environments, which will be called the translation environment and
the execution environment.

As per logicaly we can pass infinite number of aguments to the function but the Limitation of such data processing-system environment makes following limitation to the implementation of c programming language .

From : C language standard n1256 Translation limits

The implementation shall be able to translate and execute at least one program that
contains at least one instance of every one of the following limits:
— 127 nesting levels of blocks
— 63 nesting levels of conditional inclusion
— 12 pointer, array, and function declarators (in any combinations) modifying an
arithmetic, structure, union, or incomplete type in a declaration
— 63 nesting levels of parenthesized declarators within a full declarator
— 63 nesting levels of parenthesized expressions within a full expression
— 63 significant initial characters in an internal identifier or a macro name (each
universal character name or extended source character is considered a single
— 31 significant initial characters in an external identifier (each universal character name
specifying a short identifier of 0000FFFF or less is considered 6 characters, eachuniversal character name specifying a short identifier of 00010000 or more is
considered 10 characters, and each extended source character is considered the same
number of characters as the corresponding universal character name, if any)
— 4095 external identifiers in one translation unit
— 511 identifiers with block scope declared in one block
— 4095 macro identifiers simultaneously defined in one preprocessing translation unit
127 parameters in one function definition
127 arguments in one function call
— 127 parameters in one macro definition
— 127 arguments in one macro invocation
— 4095 characters in a logical source line
— 4095 characters in a character string literal or wide string literal (after concatenation)
— 65535 bytes in an object (in a hosted environment only)
— 15 nesting levels for #included files
— 1023 case labels for a switch statement (excluding those for any nested switch statements)
— 1023 members in a single structure or union
— 1023 enumeration constants in a single enumeration
— 63 levels of nested structure or union definitions in a single struct-declaration-list
You can find more about other limits in c programming language at C language standard n1256


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