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Motorola’s Moto G does not boot up due to fully dischared battey issue


Hi Friends after a long time i am back ….

Just few days ago My wife has gifted me brand new Motorola’s smart phone Moto G (Black, with 16 GB) on our first anniversary. I was very much happy but just 2 days latter due to my bad habit of charging phones i laid down to my moto G  fully discharged.  And next morning when i connected Motorola’s charger with mobile nothing happen. No indication on mobile. no blinking of  notification LED nor on screen. I kept couple of minutes charging but nothing happen.

I have used nokia since last 10 years and i did not face any such issue with those mobiles when they get fully discharged. Nokia’s phone used to boot on in couple of minutes charging.

Anyway i have googled and find out that this issue is well known in Moto G.

  • Some people said They keep Moto G in charging over night and still Moto G did not boot up.
  • Some people have tried different charger but did not boot up.
  • Some says they left the phone for one day [24 hours] without any further charging, and it magically came back to life and started charging after trying it again. 
  • Some says If the battery runs out and refuses to recharge, don’t panic! Let  the phone rest (not plugged in to charger) for a few hours or overnight, then it will respond to the charger.

Try  1 [no success]:

Then i have Chat Online For Moto G support  Here they told me to press and hold on power button 2-3 minutes then Moto G should boot up. But it did not.

Try2 [no success]:

Then i have connected charger with Moto G and then pressed power button 3-4 min.

After some time i have seen notification LED started to blink after 4 to 5 blink LCD booted up with 0 % charging battery logo.

I kept Moto G in charging couple of minutes but it did not boot up again screen goes blank and again Moto G goes in Komaaaa…!!

I have tried couple of times whole things. But no success.

Try3 [Success]:

Then i have connected charger with Moto G and then pressed power button 3-4 min.

After some time i have seen notification LED started to blink after 4 to 5 blink LCD booted up with 0 % charging battery logo. 

I kept Moto G in charging 3 hours and then again pressed power button 3-4 mins and then LED blink and LCD booted up with 1% charging and in next 5 mins it goes to 10% charging

And then i pressed power button and boots up.

So Final conclusion :

Moto G has different kind of battery (Lithium-Ion batteries) unlike older phone have Ni-Cd batteries. These type of battery takes more time in initial charging if they get fully discharged. Lithium-Ion batteries have some more advantages over older Ni-Cd’s batteries but this is disadvantage.  You can read more about batteries at Here

So solution is

Never ever Let  your Moto G discharged to 0% charging.  If goes then perform try 3 steps.


All the best with your Moto G.


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Difference between c and c++ and java programming languages

Author JIGAR PATEL    Category c++, tips     Tags

In last 2 yeas i have worked a lot on C Programming But now days i need to work on C++ and Java programming language. I have not time to take book of C++ or java programming and start to read that…In any programming language most of the stuff are common. So you know one language very well then by keeping that in mind you can learn other language very well.

Some days ago i found this article and it helped me a lot. i  hope this will also help you….

C++ Style Languages: C++, Objective C, Java, C#

  • it shows the hello world program , version checks,used libraries,
  • primitive  data types,
  • arithmetic and logical operation
  • arrays and strings,
  • regular expressions,
  • dates and time,
  • functions declaration ,
  • execution control flow,
  • files operatins,
  • processes and environment,
  • libraries and namespaces
  • concept of objects

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Little endian and Big endian in C programming

This is the most complex concept…. i have read enough on net and some books but   still i was not getting this concept. i was not understanding how this will effect my c code. But i have did some  experiments with some example code and tried to understand things. and here now i am going to share those examples.

In computing, the term endian or endianness refers to the ordering of individually addressable sub-components within the representation of a larger data item as stored in external memory (or, sometimes, as sent on a serial connection)

You can understand basic things about at 

Little endian and Big endian



How to access/unblock in india?


                        Due to the pirated supply of music kolkata high court have banned and now it can’t be accessed in india.

All isp’s have been asked to put an injection so that can’t be accessed.
Following are several Indian ISP names included which have to block in India.



Sify Technologies Ltd
Dishnet Wireless Ltd
Wipro Ltd
Hathway Cable & Datacom Pvt Ltd
Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd
Hughes Communications Ltd India
Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd
Reliance Wimax Ltd
Bharti Airtel Ltd
Vodafone India Ltd
BG Broadband India Pvt Ltd

 Now to access such blocked sites you need proxy to these blocked sites.

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C programming interview questions and answers for freshers

i have seen that in c programming based  interview most of the question are based on some concept clear question and answer.

i have been posting that all tips on this ShareProgrammingTips but here i am just going to List down some good question on C programming.


How will you set, clear ,toggle and check a single bit in C?


Do you know the Concept of Octal literal in C


Do you know the difference between all standard version of c language


How will you detect memory leakage in C program?


Do you know about Implementation limitation of c programming language

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What’s the need of using encapsulation { do..while(0) block } in define a macro in C programming?

While reading many codes in c programming based open source project i came to know one interesting things. Let me explain you by some sample code.

#define Assert(v)   if(!(v)) printf("Error occurred at: %s, in %s at %i",  #v, __FILE__, __LINE__);

At most of the experienced people used to write such macro in following style

 #define Assert(v)   do { if(!(v)) printf("Error occurred at: %s, in %s at %i",  #v, __FILE__, __LINE__); } while(0)

This method is called as making encapsulating our macro.

Now let me explain you whats the need of this….

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Short-circuiting in C Programming Expressions………….!!!

Author JIGAR PATEL    Category c, Tips     Tags

One Superb thing i learn today is  Short-circuiting in C Programming Expressions. 

Let me explain you by code

#include <stdio .h>
int main() {
   int a = 0;
   int b = 1;
   int c = 2;
   int d = 3;
   a = ++b && ++c || ++d;
   printf ("b = %d,  c = %d, d = %d, a = %d", b, c, d, a);
   return 0;

if you think output of this program will be

b = 2, c = 3, d = 4, a = 1

then you need to read this whole post..!
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In embedded domain, Copying of structure is why avoided in c programming?



Generally  In embedded software domain for copying structure of same type people dont prefer to use direct assignment and do that by memcpy function or by doing assignment of each element of structure.

Look at Example

struct student {
int roll_no;
int age;
struct student exmple1 = {32,15};
struct student exmple2;

for copying exmple1 into exmple2.. instead of writing direct


people like to use

memcpy(exmple2,exmple1,sizeof(struct student));



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How to change the buffering option for any specified stream in c programming?

Author JIGAR PATEL    Category c, Tips     Tags

Many of  us faced this problem. Sometimes we put some debug prints in our code this way

fprintf(logfile,"successfully reached at debug-point 1\n"); 
some code is here
fprintf(logfile,"successfully reached at debug-point 2"); 
Here segmantaion fault occur due to some reason

Now in this condition only debug-point1 will be print on logfile debug-point 2 print was written to buffer to be used for I/O operations with the specified stream logfile.  but its not flushed because it didnt get \n  and not written on logfile and program crash  so we thinks that crash occur after debug-point1

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Whether should i use processes or threads in Linux?

While designing any system usually we might confuse between thread and process usage . We think should we use thread or process for our requirement. Which will be the best choice.?


So Here are some guidelines to help you……



  • All threads inside a program always run from the same executable binary. Where a child process , may run a from different executable binary by calling an exec function.
  • If one process crashes or has a buffer overrun, it does not affect any other process at all, whereas if a thread crashes, it takes down all of the other threads in the process because threads share the same virtual memory space and other resources. read more
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